1. I’m back. but I’m leaving. heres the deal..

    after finally figuring out the info connected with this account, I’ve decided to start anew.


    which means I’m probably deleting this one, including my photography blog, relatively soon.

    after being gone for 10 months, I’ve just realized that I’d rather start over than jump back into what I left behind. come to think of it, I’m not even sure what I left was all that important.  I mean..

    I’m not even sure if anyone is going to read this.

    but really, that doesn’t bother me. I’m still going to find and follow the blogs I loved when I was on here before and hopefully reconnect with the friends I had before. 

    So that’s the story and this is soon to be where it ends. Everything else will continue on my new blog.  Feel free to do with that what you will


  2. I love her (:

    I love her (:

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  3. pleatedjeans:

    I went to my local superstore and swapped their signage with more logical names for things. You’re welcome, Target.

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  4. I get so much shit for liking this movie, simply because Sleeping Beauty isn’t as badass as some of the other Disney princesses. But you know what?

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  5. galifianafuck:

    the queen, ladies and gentlemen

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  6. completelynormalgirl:

Did this person just argue for gay marriage while referencing Doctor who?


    Did this person just argue for gay marriage while referencing Doctor who?

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  7. (really) belated birthday presents!
    my friend, Tommy, gave me the bobble head last night after band practice. the best part: it really is wibbly wobbly :D
    mum surprised me the other day with the TARDIS teapot :) I dont think I’ve ever been so enthusiastic about making tea.

  8. "Good is Good. With or without a God. Be good and you will find reward. Maybe not in Heaven, but you will find it all the same."
    Ricky Gervais
  9. A summary of this morning’s events.


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  10. Rory Williams, the Flawless Motherfucker Who Waited (LIKE A BOSS) because he couldn’t give a shit about the universe when his wife was in danger → Look at these fucking companions

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  11. solitarylikeme:



    why be in one fandom when you can be in ten

    i’d like to be in ten if you know what i mean

     Your URL makes that comment 1000x funnier

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  12. rainbowballz:

    this has bothered me since day fucking one

    why do Little Bear’s parents wear clothes

    when this little shithead is walking around BUTT NEKKID

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  13. Anonymously send me lyrics referring to your opinion of me.

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